Bespoke Designs for your Bespoke Needs

A home is personal. When you are offered choices at every other aspect of your life, why shouldn’t you be given a choice to make your house look the way you want it to?

Here, at Base Architecture we provide our customers with the freedom to personalise their home designs along with the help of our firm’s creative and brilliant minds. From Victorian to Modern Contemporary, whatever your choice is, we make it happen.


We also offer landscaping and interior as well as luxury home designs services to revamp your space and your surroundings. We use a combination of innovation, passion and charm to bring you the best of our work.

We’d like to believe that our firm has been receiving multiple awards and laurels because of our attention to the client’s details and our imaginative efforts. It brings us joy to build you your dream homes and add our input to it.

Every project we handle is done with utmost importance to the client, with your needs at the fore. No design is too difficult or outlandish for us to make it happen.

Our promise to you is that every project with its custom home design is unique and will meet your expectations and needs. We provide remodelling and renovation services to make your homes fit you better.

At Base Architecture, we invite our clients to interact, voice their wants and concerns so that we can bring you the best of our facilities. We aren’t afraid to explore new styles and ideas and will do so with enthusiasm. Making every project stand out from one another is in itself an accomplishment for us. All we ask of our customers is to have a little faith in our experience and offer you a bespoke abode.

Turn your home into art and let us be the brush strokes that get you there.


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