The major advantages of narrow lot home designs in Australia

As Australian land prices rise, progressively more on budget home buyers are finding new ways of entering the property market. Designers are now using clever and innovative techniques to utilise all space so you don’t compromise. In fact expert narrow builders can turn the supposed narrow lot restrictions into clear benefits by imaginatively using space. The challenge is making the convenience the same – or even better – with the traditional design. Here are the main advantages of narrow lot building (if you choose to opt for one).

Fascinating design;

You dislike everybody’s typical dream home? Necessity forces narrow lot homes to be different, which end in some prominent design features. Got back access? Locate your garage out there in the back for much easier access, to save a feature veranda space in the front. Eliminate the garage if you own no car.

No compromises;

Your house must not be crammed because the block is. Thanks to clever building designers in Brisbane, narrow lot houses still integrate normal home features while still retaining their sense of roominess. Most design elements just add up and flood the house ending in open-feel liveability that is pronounced. A lot of features and accommodation can be incorporated by building boundary to boundary.


Since square metering is the cause of rising Australian land prices, it is only logical that a smaller lot will cost less. So, you will be able to squeeze into a big city location if you buy a narrow lot. On the other hand, you can choose buying a narrow lot in an inexpensive suburb, thereby freeing up considerable funds you can use to buy other luxuries.

The rising cost of Australian properties makes it a bit harder to become a home owner nowadays. But is you can truly consider small lot homes Brisbane, then, the dream will certainly be within your reach.


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